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Dental Hygiene

Meet Your Hygiene Therapist Christina at Taylored Dental Care 

Hi I’m Christina I one of the therapists here at Taylored Dental Care.  Taylored Dental Care is very much about you and what you wish to achieve with your teeth and smile.

I offer a number of services here which I believe may help you in achieving a bigger and brighter smile.  Some of those services are hygiene treatment a number of treatment for gum disease, scales and polishes and we do offer the air-flow polish here which removes outer staining on the teeth such as stains caused by tobacco smoke, tea, coffee, immediately you will feel the results and your teeth will feel much brighter and feel more cleansed, without the staining.

I also offer whitening packages here.  The whitening package we use here at Taylored Dental Care is Boutique Whitening System,  it is a high quality whitening system,  fast whitening results and you are guaranteed to see your teeth appear a few shades whiter at least if not more.  I also offer filling replacements so if you have any silver fillings that you wish to be replaced with white fillings then I am happy to do so.  Also if you have any chips on the front of your teeth or if you have any tooth wear and you would like them restored to a healthy structure again then I am happy to do that as well.

Sarah Discusses Mouth Cancer Awareness


Scaling and polishing –

This is our way of saying that she cleans the teeth, removing sticky plaque and hard calculus as well as cleaning the gums and finishing with a polish. We all need a good clean, usually every six months, but some of us need to go even more often. Our hygienist can advise what is best for you.

Oral disease care and prevention – 

With good oral maintenance we can almost always slow down plaque build-up and prevent oral diseases like tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis. By following our hygienist’s advice you can be your own hygienist, with great success.

Sarah Your Therapist At Taylored Talks About “Gum Disease”


Special cases –

If you already suffer from an oral health condition like gum disease, are on medication or undergoing special medical treatment, our hygienist will take expert care of you, with the aim of preventing further deterioration and providing a cure wherever possible.

Children –

Our dentists often refer children to our hygienist for general treatment, including scaling and fillings. General Dental Council (GDC) rules demand that a therapist work on deciduous or children’s teeth under the prescription of a qualified dentist.

General oral health advice:

  • Tooth-brushing techniques and tips
  • Flossing and interdental brushing techniques and tips
  • Types of dental hygiene products for implants, bridges, dentures, braces and other restorations
  • Rinsing and mouth-washing
  • Which foods and drinks are good for your teeth, and which are bad
  • The best tips for fresh breath

Here’s Sarah’s Top Tooth brushing Tips



The hygienist’s role is critical at Taylored Dental Care. In line with GDC requirements they must have a two to three-year qualification in Dental Hygiene and Oral Health Science. They must also keep up to date with developments in dentistry so that our patients receive the most current, quality oral health care and advice.

But wait, there’s more

Our hygienists are a key part of the dental team, assisting with diagnostic procedures like x-rays, dental impression-taking and digital photography, so you could easily meet them well before you get a clean. They are fully trained in the use of a wide range of dental instruments and sterile environment protocols, as well has health and safety requirements. They also help keep patient records current and sends out check-up reminders.

High fluoride treatments

Taylored Dental Care provides safe high fluoride treatments to help children and adults reduce risk of tooth decay or dental caries. These treatments seal the outer tooth surface, protecting the teeth from harmful bacteria. The fluoride acts as a barrier to developing tooth decay by making the tooth structure more resistant to bacterial acid and by strengthening tooth enamel. We may recommend toothpastes or mouthwashes, including for those with dental braces and dentures.

Although fluoride occurs as a natural mineral in water and foods, it may be added to dental products such as toothpastes and dental gels to further combat tooth decay. Water fluoridation is common in many countries where non-harmful fluoride concentrations are added to the water supply.

Tooth decay starts when bacteria in the mouth over-colonise and cause plaque to build up around the teeth releasing acid that erodes the tooth enamel. Cavities or tooth holes, toothache, infection, and dental abscess are signs of tooth decay.

A varied, healthy and balanced diet may help to reduce acid concentrations that erode the tooth surface, as may regular daily mouth cleansing by flossing and brushing teeth, gums, tongue and palate after meals, before sleep and on awaking.

However, sometimes these routines are not enough, and professional teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment is needed to clean away plaque, scale tartar from tooth grooves to prevent bacterial overgrowth. Three-monthly appointments with the hygienist and regular six-monthly appointments with the dentist are important to check for signs of tooth decay, cavities and gum disease.

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