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Comfortable, Natural Looking Dentures

Are You Suffering With Your Dentures? Do You Have Sore Gums & Ulcers?

Would You Like To Eat What You Like Again?

If your answer to the above questions is ‘yes’ then Taylored Dental Care can help. If you are ready to start going to restaurants and pubs with your family and friends, and if you’re ready to start feeling good about yourself again, then keep reading.

Many people cope well with dentures, but just as many people find them difficult to tolerate. They make them feel  embarrassed and it can often be a struggle to eat. The good news is there are several options open to you depending on if you are missing one or all of your teeth.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable ‘false’ teeth which are used to replace missing teeth. They are most commonly made of acrylic plastic or metal, and are custom-made to fit the gums of the individual patient.

Missing teeth are known to create problems with eating and/or speech, and so partial dentures (a single or small number of missing teeth) or complete dentures (an entire set) are practical and effective solutions for patients experiencing such difficulties.

“I’m Able To Continue Playing The Trumpet” Says Denture Wearer Martin

At Taylored Dental Care, we will introduce you to comfortable, natural looking dentures that can:

  1. Bring you soothing, full time comfort from ill-fitting dentures
  2. Give you a lifetime of healthy eating for more energy
  3. Help you speak more clearly
  4. Avoid your dentures looking like they were made for someone else
  5. Provide natural looking teeth – like colour and shape of real teeth
  6. Add personality to your smile
  7. Relieve tender, sore, bleeding gums associated with ill fitting dentures
  8. Give you a well balanced bite, not too heavy on the left or the right.
  9. Make your gums look real
  10. Avoid gagging.

Julie’s New Dentures Are Much Better And More Comfortable Than Before


Helen Had Forgotten What It Was Like To See A Mouth Full Of Teeth 

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